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My mom just recently had a breast reduction. Just as she said after her tummy tuck which I did for her years ago, she said again, “Why did I wait so long to do this? I could have enjoyed it for so many more years!” Tell your patients, “Don’t wait until your upper back is curving and your shoulders have deep grooves and you have constant back pain!”

Pain and discomfort, limitation in activities, self-consciousness, inability to find clothes that fit well (especially dresses and button up shirts), feeling like no one notices anything else about you…. all of these are reasons one may seek a breast reduction.

Large heavy breasts frequently cause back, shoulder, and neck pain, poor posture, bra-strap shoulder indentations, and chafing or frequent rashes underneath the breasts. The satisfaction rate of breast reduction has been for years and continues to be 95-98%, documented in multiple studies. Whether a women is 20 years old or 70 years old, breast reductions are extremely satisfying. Large breasts result in problems with most patients’ backs over time and frequently prevent athletic activities which help them to maintain their weight. It is difficult to find clothes that fit well and most younger patients find their disproportionate breasts embarrassing especially as sensitive teenagers when so many things cause self-consciousness particularly when they draw attention.

Often women and their husbands are discouraged because of the necessary scars to perform a breast reduction. However, after the procedure, nearly every breast reduction patient will say it was totally worth the scars to have the relief and freedom they now feel.

Most patients wake up in recovery and notice the difference…the lack of pressure and heaviness on their chest! Most of us underestimate the weight of large breasts and the limitations women experience because of this.

Although it is true, Breast Reduction is much less often covered by insurance than in the past, many patients find that when considering their deductible and partial percentage coverage, the cost of a self-pay “cosmetic” reduction procedure may be close to the same cost as an insurance covered Breast Reduction procedure due to the much higher hospital charges for the insurance covered procedure. Most patients recommend that you check your own individual Insurance coverage before you make any decisions.

Surgical Techniques for Breast Reductions

SPAIR Technique Breast Reduction – A Permanent Gortex Suture is placed to maintain diameter of the NAC (Nipple Areolar Complex) which is prone to stretch and enlargement.

Dr. Short uses the SPAIR technique (a PeriAreolar Inferior Pedicle Reduction developed by Dr. Dennis Hammond, her mentor and an internationally renowned surgeon, author and speaker). This technique is a more recent advance in breast reduction surgery, that can allow for a prettier breast shape by decreasing lateral (outer) fullness (this means “less side boob”).

This technique also creates a more natural looking breast shape, while at the same time decreasing the incisions on the breasts. The incision with the SPAIR technique is around the nipple-areolar complexes (the pigmented region around the nipples) with a vertical incision downward. We call it the lollipop incision!.

Dr. Short truly believes this technique gives a more aesthetic breast shape and longer lasting results with less scars; that is why she has performed the SPAIR exclusively since 2003. It is the only technique she would offer someone in her own family and the only one she recommends to her primary breast reduction patients.

Scarless Breast Reduction

Both young patients who have never had children and have tight young skin or older women who are more interested in volume reduction than Aesthetics may be candidates for Dr. Short to perform a “Scarless” Liposuction only breast reduction. Although it is often called a scarless breast reduction, this technique is performed through two small incisions (approximately 1 cm) on each breast. Liposuction with Ultrasound Assistance (UAL) can be used to remove tissue volume and promote skin contraction so that reduction of tissue is possible with less sagging than expected. In some cases a woman can achieve a one or two cup size reduction and even have elevation of the nipple. The breast size, degree of sagging, and how much lift and shape is desired will determine whether or not you are a good candidate for this type of breast reduction.

Are you a Good Candidate for a Breast Reduction?

If you are ready to trade a few incisions for smaller, more perky, less heavy breasts that allow you to feel more comfortable in your clothes, wear button down shirts, wear strapless dresses, and just go for a run without having to hold your breasts up so they don’t “bounce” and hurt; if you are ready to have more freedom…freedom to exercise and freedom to feel like you can be you, then you may be ready to consider a Breast Reduction. We can help you decide whether it is the right time for you to have a Breast Reduction. Just don’t wait so long to enjoy the benefits for more years of your life!

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